Are you spending too much time coordinating different marketing agencies?

Coordinating different agencies for digital marketing jobs is a common practice. One that costs time and resources. That’s why our team combines marketing, design, web development and sports experts in one agency. In our free e-book we’ve decided to share our approach and secrets for successful digital marketing campaigns.

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What's covered in the book

Goal Definition

The what and how of S.M.A.R.T goal definition.

Customer Research

How talking to your customers early can save you millions later.

Values Proposition

Empathising with your audience to design better performing campaigns.

Competitor Research

What competitors can teach you and how to outperform them at every step.


How to define and assign value to your unique selling points.


The method behind the magic. Making sure you’re betting on the right horse.

Funnel Design

How to setup your digital funnels for maximum conversions.

Testing & Optimisation

Understand the ins-and-outs of continuous improvement.

What our clients say

Working with MATES has been a pleasure. Over the last 3 years they helped create quality digital, sales meeting and wholesale material on time and on budget.

Chris HammondChief Digital Officer - Helly Hansen

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We are currently in the process of documenting all of the great tips and tips that we’ve learnt over the last 12-years in the sports marketing business. In fact by clicking on this ad and signing up you’re part of a test marketing funnel right now – these results are helping us decide where to focus our attention.

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