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Simplifying design collaboration so teams can deliver more consistent products, quicker.

Teams shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel. The design system kick-starts products with a standardized set of principles, UI components, tools and processes. It’s just one part of the Digital Platform that TELUS uses to deliver world-class user experiences.

What we learned

The principles were codified into foundational UI elements and from these, we created higher order components. Designers can now drag-and-drop the solutions to common problems and developers can mirror them with just a few lines of code. This allows TELUS’ teams to focus on solving real design challenges rather than duplicating effort.

Build better, together

We were tasking with creating a scaling solution for TELUS’ design team. Our solution unlocks teams so that once they solve a problem at TELUS they can contribute the design and code pattern back into the system. This empowers team members to discover, design and develop collaboratively.

Time Saved
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The Difference

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