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Book launch postponed

After posting about the launch I started to receive threatening private messages on Reddit. I've since taken the decision to postpone the launch indefinitely. In future I may release this for free or give it away only to clients. Sorry, for those who are dissapointed, it's just not worth the hassle if the threats are even slightly true.

Unlock the secrets of successful design systems with 'Design System Mastery'. It’s more than theory; it’s a blueprint for action. This book stands apart in its field, offering 60 practical tasks to help beginners and experienced professionals create a system that can scale across an entire organisation.

With over seven years of experience, MATES Incorporated provides insights into the process of building a design system from scratch. The book highlights common pitfalls, such as the lack of understanding of a design system's importance, insufficient resources, and the neglect of user feedback, which can lead to inadequate systems failing to meet consumer expectations.

"Design System Mastery" is more than just a theoretical exploration; it presents a proven blueprint of steps and activities to implement a successful design system. This guide emphasizes the collaborative nature of design systems, integrating product design knowledge, technical know-how, and creative expertise.

Whether you are a freelancer, individual designer, developer, or product expert, this book offers invaluable insights and practical advice to help you create a lasting and impactful design system.

Blueprint Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure
  3. Steps Ahead
  4. Align All Aims
  5. Prepare and Gather the Code and Design Assets for Audits
  6. Establish a Design System Governance Model
  7. Define the Design System Scope and Boundaries
  8. Establish a Map of Influence
  9. Source for Roadmaps of Teams Involved
  10. Recognize Current Patterns in the Code and Design
  11. Research New Design & Coding Patterns
  12. Interview Prospective Users of the Design System
  13. Draft a List of the Pilot Teams
  14. Schedule Pilot Team Presentations
  15. Select Important Stakeholders, then Arrange Interviews
  16. Illustrate Your Ecosystem
  17. Schedule and Interview the End Users
  18. Conduct Scheduled Stakeholder Interviews
  19. Execute Pilot Team Evaluations and Assessments
  20. Create Proposed Design System Repository and Asset Library
  21. Create a Frontend Workshop for Building UI Components
  22. Educate the Design Team on the Basics of HTML and CSS
  23. Educate Engineering Team on the Basics of Figma
  24. Educate Designers on the Basics of Git
  25. Educate Designers on the Basics of Storybook
  26. Execute Hot Potato
  27. Take part in the Sprint Planning Sessions of the Pilot Teams.
  28. Engage in Exercises Utilizing an Existing Design System
  29. Implement a Pilot Practice
  30. Create a Design System Design Language Glossary
  31. Choose the First Three Components of the Pilot
  32. Generate Stakeholder Interview Ideas and Understandings
  33. Forward the Initial Report to Stakeholders
  34. Develop a Map of the Design System Scope and Boundaries
  35. Create a Design System Communication Channel
  36. Develop the First Version of Your Reference Website
  37. Develop Roadmap for Implementation of Components
  38. Suggest a Collaborative Strategy to Pilot Teams
  39. Generalize Component using Hot Potato
  40. Update the Pilot Teams about In-Progress Abstracting Components Work
  41. Improve Component Through Hot Potato Iterations
  42. Engineers, Writers, and Designers Record the Process
  43. Send Pull Request to Add Newly Abstracted Component
  44. Create a Design System Usability Test Component Plan with Pilot Teams
  45. Perform Component Last Iteration
  46. Forward Design System Update to Stakeholders
  47. Identify Three Main Ideas or Concepts
  48. Prepare a List of Possible Names for the Design System
  49. Design the First Version of the Design System Logo
  50. Publish Design System Working Hours on the Calendar
  51. Create some design system swag
  52. Forward Update to Slack Channel Regarding First Component
  53. Organize A Design System Week
  54. Forward the Design System Name and Final Logos to the Legal and Brand Team
  55. Iterate through Tasks 36 to 42 for Design System Next Component
  56. Define the Design System Versioning Strategy
  57. Create a Design System Analytics and Metrics Plan
  58. Develop a Design System Feedback and Issue Tracking Process
  59. Define a Design System Maintenance Plan
  60. Develop a Design System Security and Privacy Guidelines
  61. Create a Design System Performance Guidelines
  62. Organize a Design System Party
  63. Celebrate the wins

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Still have questions?

What will I learn from "Design System Mastery"?

“Design System Mastery” offers a comprehensive understanding of design systems. You’ll learn how to build a design system from scratch, understand common challenges and solutions, and see how to apply these systems to different types of projects. This book is ideal for designers, developers, and managers seeking to improve consistency and efficiency in their design processes.

Who should read this book?

This book is perfect for UX/UI designers, product managers, front-end developers, and anyone involved in the digital product design process. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics of design systems or an experienced professional aiming to refine your skills, “Design System Mastery” has valuable insights for you.

How does this book differ from other books on design systems?

“Design System Mastery” is unique in its practical, hands-on approach. It doesn’t just discuss design systems theoretically; it provides a step-by-step blueprint for implementation, backed by real-world examples and insights from over seven years of experience by MATES Incorporated in building successful design systems.

Can I apply the teachings of this book to my current projects?

Absolutely! The strategies and tips provided in “Design System Mastery” are designed to be adaptable and applicable to a wide range of projects, regardless of size or industry. The book guides you through tailoring a design system to meet your specific project needs.

Is the book available in print or on other platforms besides Amazon?

Initially, “Design System Mastery” will be available exclusively as an eBook on Amazon. This decision allows us to quickly and efficiently distribute the book to a wide audience globally. While we understand the charm of a physical copy, the eBook format ensures immediate access for those eager to dive into the world of design systems. Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on potential future availability in other formats and platforms!

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Just finished 'Design System Mastery' by MATES. A must-read for anyone in design. Comprehensive, insightful, and actually useful! #DesignSystem #MustRead 📚
I'm blown away by the depth in 'Design System Mastery.' It’s not just a book; it’s a roadmap to success. Kudos to Jack Reeves! #DesignLeadership
Jean Philipe
Marketing Manager
As a design coach, 'Design System Mastery' is now my go-to recommendation. Reeves nails it with actionable steps and clear insights. #DesignExcellence
Lucas Hammond
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A game-changer for designers and developers alike! 'Design System Mastery' breaks down complex concepts brilliantly. #InnovationInDesign
Jackson Ellis
Visual Designer
'Design System Mastery' is a revelation! It transformed how I approach design systems in branding. Highly recommend!
Sophia Foster
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MATES approach to design systems in 'Design System Mastery' is innovative and thought-provoking. A brilliant read! #DesignThinking
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Freelancers, get your hands on 'Design System Mastery.' It's empowering and packed with practical advice!
Ethan Parker
Freelance Designer
For startups wanting to nail their design system, 'Design System Mastery' is the bible. It's helped us immensely!
Miles Donovan
Tech Lead
Every page of 'Design System Mastery' is gold. Jack Reeves delivers exactly what the design community needs. #UXDesign
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Just implemented strategies from 'Design System Mastery' in our project. The results are fantastic! Thanks, Jack Reeves! #ProductManagement
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