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Spread the Love, Earn the Bucks!

Who needs a corporate sales team when we've got mates like you? We believe in keeping things between friends – that's why we called ourselves Mates, after all! You've seen how we help brands create content that's on time, on budget and at scale, and we think you might know others who'd love what we do, too. That's why we're inviting you to join our referral program. Think of it as being a mate who gets paid!

We Need Your Help

We want to work with more companies in the outdoor or sustainability space. So much so that we are willing to pay for it. If you know a company in these sectors worth over €50mil+ in annual revenue, we would love to hear from you. Your introduction could enable us to extend our specialised support to these brands, helping them overcome their content challenges and allowing us to contribute more significantly to the industries we deeply care about.

  • Best Mates

    Why Become an Affiliate?

    You've battled against mediocre content, tight budgets and looming deadlines. With Mates Incorporated, you've not just survived but thrived. Now, imagine extending the same superpowers to other brands and earning a reward for it!

  • Make Bank, Bro

    Up to 10% Commision On All Revenue

    What's Hotter than Catalina Wine Mixer tickets? A 10% commission for making introductions.

    We reward success with part of the profits. Introduce a brand, earn 5% of the first two years' revenue if it's under €50,000. Over that, the commission doubles to 10%. So start thinking about who in your network could benefit from our services and let's make great things happen together!

  • Flexible Payments

    Win, Win, Win

    You're helping brands and us, but why stop there? Choose how you want your rewards at the end of each year for a nice Christmas bonus.

    Worried about a conflict of interest?

    We get it – you can choose to have us donate your commission to a charity of your choice or use it as credit towards future work. We're all about creating positive ripples in every way we can.

Register Your Lead

Got a hot lead burning a hole in your pocket? Don't wait for someone else to swoop in and grab it. Step up, be a good mate and register that lead. The sooner you do, the sooner you start earning those sweet commissions. And let's not forget, the bigger the success, the more chances you get to earn that juicy 10% commission. After you register, we'll review your submission and if you’re successful, we'll reach out to have a chat on how best to approach your lead. Let's work together, earn together and make a difference, one brand at a time!

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Referral / Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions
  1. Commission Structure: Affiliates will earn a 5% commission on annual revenues under €50,000 that result from their referrals, and a 10% commission on annual revenues over €50,000. Commissions will be calculated at the end of each calendar year.

  2. Lead Registration: Leads must be registered via our landing page form. All referrals will be tracked in our project management software.

  3. Multiple Referrals: If a single client is referred by multiple affiliates, the commission will be evenly split among them, provided the referrals were made within a 6-month timeframe. If a lead was registered by an affiliate but the client did not join within 6 months, the commission for that client will go entirely to the most recent affiliate who referred them.

  4. Affiliate Obligations: To qualify for a commission, affiliates must do more than just provide a lead. They need to, at the very least, introduce us to the prospective client.

  5. Payment: Commissions will be paid out annually at the end of each calendar year. Affiliates can choose their preferred method of payment: PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit against future work. If the affiliate chooses Credit against future work, this credit will be applicable for any services provided by Mates Incorporated and cannot be transferred or refunded as cash. The credit will remain valid for a period of one year from the date of issue.

  6. Support: Affiliates can reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding the program.

  7. Lead Quality: The company reserves the right to assess the quality of leads on a case-by-case basis. Not all leads may result in commissionable business.

  8. Termination of Agreement: Either party may end the agreement at any time, for any reason, provided that they give the other party notice of termination.

  9. Changes to the Program: We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time. We will notify all affiliates in the event of a change.

  10. Limitation of Liability: We will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, or any results of intents of harm to the program or our website.