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Ever catch yourself thinking your email campaigns belong on a floppy disk? Our team's here to amp up your email designs from 'meh' to 'woah', making your competitors blink and your audience click. It's time to trade in the fax machine and leap forward from the email Stone Age. So, let's power up this email revolution and make your inbox the talk of the town.
'Tap To Swap'

Tired of Stale Email Designs?

Ever feel trapped in a maze of yesteryear’s email designs and tired tactics that just don’t cut it? We hear you. You need a partner who can guide you from ‘blending in’ to ‘standing tall’ in a crowded inbox.

We’re ditching the worn-out playbook and embracing the novel, the bold, the captivating. Ready to break free from the old and spark some email magic? Let’s hit the road. Your journey to be the envy of the inbox starts now.

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Your Email Success Sherpas

Our expert email designers and strategists are ready to level-up your email marketing. We'll transform your emails from Myspace era designs to sleek campaigns that vibe with your tribe. We use the latest design and tech stacks. We're Klaviyo partners and Emarsys certified, but we've worked with all the big ESPs and know our way around automations and reporting.

revenue generated by email +84%

Our approach is simple. We listen, we design, we execute. We partner with you to understand your brand, your audience and your goals. Then, we craft customised email designs that embody your brand and captivate your audience. We combine bold visuals, engaging content, and modern design principles to create email campaigns that are not just eye candy but also drive results.

Don't Lose Your Audience's Attention

Without modern, engaging email campaigns, you risk your audience hitting 'snooze'.

Instead, imagine opening your email analytics to see skyrocketing open rates, click-throughs and conversions. With Mates, that vision becomes a reality. We serve up emails that are not just a visual treat, but also a hook, line and sinker - keeping your audience opening, clicking... and converting.

Leave the Past Behind

Ready to ditch your old-school email designs? Let's start the journey towards a future of captivating, results-getting email campaigns. Drop us a line today and let's get this ball rolling.

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Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from the folks who've experienced the power of our email transformations firsthand.

MATES have been a game-changer for our email marketing campaigns. Their talented designers took our ideas and transformed them into visually stunning email templates that perfectly captured our brand image and engaged our audience.

Working with MATES? It's been a total win. They instantly pinpointed where our email marketing could improve, boosting our ROAS in a heartbeat. Their designers? Brilliant. They transformed our ideas into stunning emails that totally captured our brand and boosted engagement. With their help, our email stats have skyrocketed - more opens, clicks, and conversions. Seriously, check out MATES.

Engaging with Mates for our Emarsys account setup and management has been a phenomenal experience. Musto's email marketing strategy has been revolutionized by their skilled team, leading to exceptional results. They've efficiently streamlined our processes, which has not only saved us considerable time but also ramped up our campaign performance significantly.